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Architecture and sculpture, both sacred and secular, through, have witnessed the best of human imagination and innovation serving culture and civilization in their evolution all over the world. Coming to the present generation, while the global necessity is protection of the nature, sustainable development and eco-friendly creations and constructions, the artists, sculptors and architects in the east and the west have started rediscovering the classic oriental standards outlined in scriptures or presented in scientific details in specific technical texts in Sanskrit and allied languages, which have been practice for a very long time in human history. This invariably proved sites in incredible India and Indian sub-continent.
Manasara is regarded as the most standard and complete treatise, rather the fountain-head of all the Silpa texts. The very name Manasara means the Essence of Measurement . Of the seventy chapters of Manasara, the first eight are introductory, the next forty-two deal with architectural matters, and the last twenty are devoted to sculpture, where sculptural details of idols of deities of the Hindus, the Buddhist and Jains, statues of great personages and images of animals and birds are given.
This new revised edition contains the original Sanskrit text along with the English translation and explanatory notes. Besides General Index, a Glossary of the technical terms is also appended to the work.
However, the present work is sure to inspire the specialist with rare information and insight and also will bring home to lay reader the contribution of ancient India in this highly technical area of human enterprise.                                                                                                                                                                 

About the Author
Dr. Narasingha Charan Panda (Dr. N.C. Panda), Associate Professor in Sanskrit, Vishveshvaranand Vishvabandhu Institute of Sanskrit and Indological Studies (V.V.B.I.S. & I.S.), Panjab University, Sandhu Ashram, Hoshiarpur, is well-known in the field of Indological Research, who combines in him a comprehensive understanding of scholarly issues, impartial judgement and an exemplary clarity of expression.
After Graduation (B.A. Hons in Sanskrit) from Utkal University, Bhubaneswar & Post-graduation & M.Phil., degrees from Kurukshetra University, he obtained Ph.D. Degree in Vedic Studies from Punjab University, Chandigarh. In addition to these, Dr. Panda is also qualified in other Indological branches, like: Buddhism (Acharya), Kashmir iaivism (M.Phil.), Indian Philosophy (Acharya), C.C in German.
Presently, Dr. Panda is the Associate Editor of Vishveshvaranand Indological Research Journal. As an ardent scholar and a successful researcher of Indology, he has contributed a number of learned Research Papers.
Publisher Bharatiya Kala Prakashan
Author Prasanna Kumar Acharya
Edited by N.C.Panda
Product Details
Binding Hardcover
Pages 1082
ISBN-10 818090279X
ISBN-13 978-8180902796
Language English
Edition 2nd

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Architecture of Manasara (Original Sanskrit Text with English Translation and Notes) (Set of 3 Vols)

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