The present book The Harappan stone and Bronze Images covers Stone, Bronze, Faience & Steatite images. Harappan Civilization was Contemporary of Mesopotamian. and Egyptian civilization Harappan traders were having their colony at Ur and kish in Mesopotamia and they were having long. distance trade. Art historian like Chudamani Nandgopal named Harappan Art as Industrial Art however this term is most appropriate. for Seals, Shell, Jewellery, Ivory, capper etc. We can not call stone. Bronze and terracotta figurines as Industrial art. These are basic decorative item of Harappan civilization. According to Author and. Jaya Menon most appreciate term for these object is Minor Arts Crafts of Harappan civilization. This book is documentation work of Harappan' The Harappan stone and Bronze images which includes collection, mostly of India and Pakistan. There are eight chapters in this book. The first chapter is on Harappan civilization according to author it hardly natters if we name. This civilization Harappan or Indus Sarasvati civilization its meaning is same. The Harappan stone Art is not monumental. The famous stone bust of a bearded man clad in embroidered shawl with trefoil motif from Mohenjodaro and. similar headless priest from Dholavira male torso and dancer from Harappa are unique example of stone art. Fourth chapter details. description on copper and bronze figurine. Most beautiful are two dancing girl and Buffaloes from Mohenjodaro and Bull from Kalibangan all made in Bronze. Fifth chapter is on Harappan Faience figurines. Six chapter is on Miniature Steatite and Paste Figurines. Seventh chapter is on Shell aid Other Material and eight chapters is n list of Harappan sites. In last their is Harappan Bibliography.
Publisher Bharatiya Kala Prakashan
Author D.P. Sharma
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Binding Hardcover
Pages 250
ISBN-10 8180903591
ISBN-13 978-8180903595
Language English
Edition 1st
Year 2019
Product Dimensions 28.6 x 22.3 x 2.5 cm

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HARAPPAN ART (Stone, Bronze Images)

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