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a) What kind of Proposals is entertained and evaluated?

BKP Books entertains Proposals

BKP Books entertains Proposals in Art and Architecture, Archaeology, Astrology, Ayurveda, Buddhist, Culture, Dictionary, Health & Medicine, History, Hindi, Literature, Philosophy, Religion, Sanskrit, Biographies, Law, Music, Criticism, Studies: Tribal, Vastu, Tantra, Tourism, Encyclopaedia, Agriculture, Terrorism, Research Work, Reference and Illustrated books.

In all the above-mentioned areas, which cover almost every field of study and information, one can put the Proposal for works in English and Hindi. Though we prefer English, priority to outstanding work is never neglected.

We don’t publish textbooks, but we do publish books on Indology's newly-emerged disciplines. A Proposal sent in beyond the mentioned areas would also be considered for publication.

BKP Books represents higher and advanced studies; therefore it doesn’t publish *children's books.

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